Bar Stinger

The Bar Stinger is the first piece and adds an additional piece that is a pinnacle item of the Melin Brand Red Label collection. 

  • Front Bar trim consists of a custom white frame with polished cloudy grey genuine stingray leather inlay.
  • Bar trim features a genuine 8pt Diamond mounted in the center of the debossed "M logo".
  • Top visor and the front panels of this piece are comprised of drum dyed lamb nappa and leather and the top visor is complimented by 8 rows of a white satin stitch.
  • Black and white filaments in the herringbone pattern on the rear panels
  • Paired with the cloud grey polished stingray to train the human eye to see the color grey.
  • Lined with our proprietary moisture wicking performance fabric and quilted sweatband for comfort and breathability.
  • Features our hidden "besom" stash pocket, polished button backing and color matched damask woven taping and labels. 
  • The Melin Red Label collection comes in our new custom Red Travel Box complete with its own combination gold combination lock to keep this piece of art locked away when its not on display. 


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